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Bryukhanov, Nikolai Pavlovich

Born: 1878 AD
Died: 1938 AD
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1878 – Born on the 28th of December in Simbirsk, Russia.

1890 – Bryukhanov studied at the Moscow and Kazan universities, but left without a degree.

1902 – He became involved in revolutionary activities and joined the Russian Social Democratic Labor Party.

1903 – Becoming a member of its regional committee in Kazan.

       – In August, when the party split into two mostly independent factions, Vladimir Lenin’s Bolsheviks and Julius Martov’s Mensheviks, Bryukhanov sided with the Bolsheviks.

1907 – Bryukhanov moved to Ufa, where he edited the party’s local newspaper Ufimsky Rabochiy (The Ufa Worker).

1917 – During the Russian Revolution, Bryukhanov was the head of the Bolshevik committee in Ufa.

1918 – In February, he was made a member of the collegium (governing body) of the Peoples’ Commissariat of Supplies.

       –  in June, he became Deputy People’s Commissar with responsibilities for food supplies in the Moscow region.

1919 – Bryukhanov simultaneously served as Chairman of the Special Supplies Commission of the Eastern Front.

1920-1922 – He was head of the Main Supplies Directorate of the Red Army.

1921 – Bryukhanov was put in charge of the People’s Commissariat of Supplies in December.

1923 – Bryukhanov became the first head of the People’s Commissariat of Supplies of the new federation on July.

1924 – In May, the Commissariat was abolished and Bryukhanov was made deputy People’s Commissar of Finance.

1926 – Stalin replaced Sokolnikov with the less influential and apolitical Bryukhanov on January.

1927-1934 – Bryukhanov was elected candidate (non-voting) member of the Central Committee of the Soviet Communist Party, a position which he kept until the 17th Party Congress in January.

1930 – Bryukhanov and the chairman of the State Bank, Georgy Pyatakov, were held responsible for surging inflation and fired from their posts.

       – Bryukhanov was replaced with Grigori Fyodorovich Grinko and appointed Deputy Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Moscow Oblast Soviet.

1931 – He was made Deputy People’s Commissar of Supplies of the USSR.

1933-1937 – He also served as Deputy Chairman of the Sovnarkom’s Central Commission on grain yields.

1938 – Bryukhanov was arrested by the NKVD secret police on February 3rd, during the Great Purge.

       – He was sentenced to death and executed on September 1st.

2.6 (52.31%) 13 votes