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Bruning, Heinrich

Born: 1885 AD
Died: 1970 AD
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1885 – Born in Münster in Westphalia on the 26th of November.

         – He first tended towards the legal profession, but then studied Philosophy, History, German and Political Science at Strasbourg, the London School of Economics and Bonn, where he achieved his doctorate in national economy.

1915-1918 – He served as a machine gunner, receiving rank as an officer and earning an Iron Cross.

1920 – Stegerwald, also leader of the Christian trade unions, made him chief executive of the unions.

1923 – He was actively involved in organizing the passive resistance in the "Ruhrkampf". As the editor of the union newspaper Der Deutsche (The German), he advocated a "social popular state" and "Christian democracy," based on the ideas of Catholic Corporatism.

1924 – He had also joined the Centre Party and he was elected to the Reichstag, representing Breslau.

1928 – He was also a member of the Prussian parliament.

1929 – He was elected chairman of the Centre Party’s fraction in the Reichstag.

1934 – Brüning fled Germany to escape Hitler’s political purges via the Netherlands and settled in the United Kingdom.

1939 – He became professor for political science at Harvard University. He warned the American public about Hitler’s plans for war and later about Soviet expansionism, but in both cases his advice went unheeded.

1947 – He returned to Germany and taught at the university of Cologne. He was a critic of Adenauer’s policy of Western integration and as he saw no prospect of continuing his political career, he returned to the United States.

1968 – He published the tome "Speeches and essays".

1970 – Brüning died on the 30th of March in Norwich, Vermont, and was buried in his home town Münster.

1 (20%) 1 vote