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Brunck, Philippe

Born: 1729 AD
Died: 1803 AD
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1729 – Brunck was born at Strasbourg on the 30th of December.

         – He was educated at the Jesuits’ College at Paris, and took part in the Seven Years’ War as military commissary.

1772 – The first work he edited was the Anthologia Graeca or Analecta veterum Poetarum Graecorum, in which his innovations on the established mode of criticism startled European scholars.

1785-1897 – He also published editions of Virgil, Plautus and Terence.

         – He took an active part, Brunck was imprisoned at Besançon, and lost his pension, being reduced to such extremities that he was obliged to sell a portion of his library.

1802 – His pension was restored to him, but too late to prevent the sale of the remainder of his books.

1803 – He died on the 12th of June.

3 (59.26%) 27 votes