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Brummell, George Bryan

Born: 1778 AD
Died: 1840 AD
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1778 – He was born on the 7th of June in London.

         – He led the trend for men to wear understated, but beautifully cut clothes, adorned with elaborately knotted neckwear known as the cravat

1794 – Brummell was an undergraduate student at Oriel College. He embarked upon a military career, but abandoned it when he learned that his regiment had been ordered to Manchester.

         – Brummell’s famous remark, "Alvanley, who’s your fat friend?" (referring to Prince George, who had snubbed him shortly beforehand) probably didn’t help.

1816 – Brummell fled to France as the result of thousands of pounds of accumulated debts to tradesmen.

1840 – He died penniless and insane from syphilis in Caen on the 30th of March.

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