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Brule, Etienne

Born: 1592 AD
Died: 1633 AD
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1592 – Born in Champigny-surMarne, France. French-born Canadian explorer. He was also known as The First Coureur de Bois.

1608 – Étienne Brûlé left his home in France and set sail for the new colony Quebec at the age of 16.

1615 – Champlain "discovered" Lake Huron, where he met his intrepid interpreter and gave him permission to go among the Andastes, to the south of the Iroquois country.

1616 – Brûlé later left the colony and returned to live with the Huron people.

1618 – Brûlé arrived back in the colony after an absence of thirty-four months. By his own account he was the first European to explore what is now the State of Pennsylvania.

1624 – Gabriel Sagard discredited Brûlé in Champlain’s eyes. The Récollet friar denounced the wandering adventurer’s loose morals, and disclosed moreover that Brûlé was playing a double game

1629 – When the British captured Quebec, Champlain believed that it was Brûlé who had guided them up the St. Lawrence River.

         – Brûlé was viewed as a traitor.

1633 – Brûlé was killed by the Hurons while the colony was still under the English on June in New France (Canada).

3.1 (62.22%) 9 votes