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Bruhl, Heinrich Count von

Born: 1700 AD
Died: 1763 AD
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1700 – Born on August 13th in Gangloffsömmern, Thuringia (Germany). German prime minister and virtual ruler of electoral Saxony, who unsuccessfully attempted to strengthen the state, the rulers of which were also kings of Poland, by making the Polish crown hereditary and by acquiring a land corridor linking Poland with Saxony.

1731 – He made himself useful in muzzling the Saxon states and was successively chief receiver of taxes and minister for the interior.

1736 – He had been made a count of the Empire and had married the countess Franziska von KolowratKradowska, a favourite of the wife of Frederick Augustus.

1738 – He was in effect sole minister.

1746 – The title of prime minister was created for him, but he was not only a prime minister – he filled all the offices. His titles spread over several lines of print, and he drew the combined pay of the places besides securing huge grants of land.

1763 – Died on October 28th Dresden, Saxony.

1 (20%) 2 votes