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Brueghel, Pieter

Born: 1525 AD
Died: 1569 AD
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1525 – He was born on this year. There are records that he was born in Breda, Netherlands, but it is uncertain whether the Dutch town of Breda or the Belgian town of Bree, called Breda in Latin, was meant.


1551 – He was accepted as a master in the painters’ guild of Antwerp on this year.


1553 – He made his artwork “Landscape with Christ and the Apostles at the Sea of Tiberias”. There are 45 authenticated surviving paintings, one-third of which are in the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna. A number of others are known to have been lost.


1559 – He dropped the “h” from his name and started signing his paintings as Bruegel on this year.


1569 – He died on the 9th day of September this year.

2.9 (57.67%) 60 votes