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Brown, Thomas Edward

Born: 1830 AD
Died: 1897 AD
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1830 – He was born at Douglas, Isle of Man on the 5th of May.

1854 – He won a double first, however, and was elected a fellow of Oriel in April, Dean Thomas Gaisford having refused to promote him to a senior studentship of his own college, on the ground that no servitor had ever before attained to that honour.

1857 – He married his cousin, Miss Stowell, daughter of Dr Stowell of Ramsey, and soon afterwards left the island once more to become headmaster of the Crypt School, Gloucester–a position which in no long time he found intolerable due to the burden of administration.

1863 – Brown remained from September to July, when he retired–to the great regret of boys and masters alike, who had long since come to regard "T.E.B.’s" genius, and even his eccentricities, with a peculiar pride–to spend the rest of his days upon.

1873-1889 – His poem "Betsy Lee" appeared in Macmillan’s Magazine, and was published separately in the same year. It was included in Fo’c’s’le Yarns, which reached a second edition.

1897 – In October, he returned to the school on a visit. He was the guest of one of the house-masters, and on a Friday evening, he gave an address to the boys of the house.

         – He died on the 29th of October.

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