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Brown, Joseph Rogers

Born: 1810 AD
Died: 1876 AD
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1810 – Born on January 10th in Warren, Rhode Island. American inventor, manufacturer and mechanical engineer known for his precision tools and instrumentation.

1827-1831 –  He became a machinist and set up a shop to manufacture tools.

         – Established his own shop and began to make small tools, especially for lathes.

1841 – He carried on business alone after the retirement of his father and created many notable machines.

1850 – He built a linear dividing machine, the first automatic machine for graduating rules in the United States.

1851-1852 – He produced the varnier caliper, reading to thousandths of an inch, and applied it to protractors.

1852 – He invented milling and grinding machines, and cutters, and he simplified the Vernier caliper.

1853 – He became partners with Lucian Sharpe (J. R. Brown & Sharpe).

1855 – Brown invented a precision gear cutter that would produce accurate gears, frill index plates and do circular graduating.

1858 – He began the manufacture of sewing machines.

1861-1867 – He began devoting his time to developing machine tools.

         – Among many inventions, he designed and built a turret screw machine for muskets, a successful universal milling machine (patented), and a micrometer caliper.

1876 – Died on July 23rd in Shoals, New Hampshire.

1877 – His greatest achievement was the universal grinding machines, which allowed manufacturers to first harden articles and then to grind them with accuracy (patented posthumously).

2.8 (56%) 20 votes