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Brown, Henry Kirke

Born: 1814 AD
Died: 1886 AD
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1814 – He was born on the 24th of February in Leyden, Massachusetts.

1836-1839 – He began to paint portraits while still a boy, studied painting in Boston under Chester Harding, learned a little about modelling, and spent his summers working as a railroad engineer to earn enough to enable him to study further.

1842-1846 – He spent four years in Italy; but returning to New York he remained distinctively American, and was never dominated, as were so many of the early American sculptors, by Italian influence.

1874 – His equestrian statues are excellent, notably that of General Winfield Scott in Washington, D.C.

1886 – He died on the 10th of July in Newburgh, New York.

3.1 (62.5%) 24 votes