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Brown, Harold

Born: 1927 AD
Currently alive, at 87 years of age.

Nationality: American
Categories: Engineers


1927 - Born in New York City on the 19th of September.

1949 - He graduated from the Bronx High School of Science; Brown took three degrees at Columbia University, including, at age 21, a Ph.D. in physics.

1952 he joined the staff of the Lawrence Radiation Laboratory at Livermore, California,

1950 - He served as a member of or consultant to several federal scientific bodies and as senior science adviser.

1961-1965 - Brown worked under Robert McNamara as director of defense research and engineering.

1969 - Secretary of the Air Force from October to February.

1977 - He was president of the California Institute of Technology.

1978 - In May the NATO heads of government endorsed a Long Term Defense Program that included 10 priority categories: enhanced readiness; rapid reinforcement; stronger European reserve forces; improvements in maritime capabilities; integrated air defenses; effective command, control, and communications; electronic warfare; rationalized procedures for armaments collaboration; logistics co-ordination and increased war reserves; and theater nuclear modernization.

1979 - Brown and his staff had developed a "countervailing strategy", an approach to nuclear targeting that both McNamara and Schlesinger earlier had found attractive but never formally codified.

1981 - Brown left office on the 20th of January following President Carter's unsuccessful bid for re-election.

         - Received the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

2006 - On the 5th of January, he participated in a meeting at the White House of former Secretaries of Defense and State to discuss United States foreign policy with Bush administration officials.


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