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Bronte, Emily Jane

Born: 1818 AD
Died: 1848 AD
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1818 – Born on July 30th in Thornton, Yorkshire, England. British novelist and poet.

1824-1825 – Emily attended the school at Cowan Bridge with Charlotte, and then was largely educated at home.

1835 – Emily Brontë was at Roe Head. There she suffered from homesickness and returned after a few months to the moorland scenery of home.

1837 – She became a governess at Law Hill, near Halifax, where she spent six months.

1842 – Emily and Charlotte Brontë went to Brussels to learn foreign languages and school management.

1846-1847 – She and her sisters published a compilation of their poetry, "Poems", which was followed a year later by Emily’s only novel, "Wuthering Heights".

         – "Wuthering Heights" was not an immediate success like Charlotte Brontë’s "Jane Eyre", but was later recognized as one of the best books of English Literature.

1848 – While attending the funeral of her brother Branwell, Emily Brontë caught a cold which developed quickly into the tuberculosis that would take her own life later that year.

         – Died of colds and tubercolosis on December 19th in Haworth, Yorkshire, England.

3.1 (62.31%) 26 votes