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Bronsted, Johannes Nicolaus

Born: 1879 AD
Died: 1947 AD
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1879 – Born on February 22nd in Varde, Denmark. Danish physical chemist whose work in solution chemistry, particularly electrolytes, resulted in a new theory of acids and bases.

1897 – Brønsted took up studies at the (old) Polytecnic Institute in the street Sølvgade in Copenhagen.

1899 – He completed his first degree studies in engineering, and began studies in pure science at Copenhagen University.

1902 – He took his ‘magister’ degree in Chemistry.

         – At the Polytecnic Institute Brønsted met Charlotte Louise Warberg, who became one of the very first female engineers in Denmark.

1903 – Married to Charlotte Louise Warberg.

1905 – Brønsted started to work at his ‘affinity’ measurements on binary mixtures (sulfuric acid and water).

1947 – Died on December 17th in Copenhagen, Denmark.

1.2 (23.33%) 6 votes