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Brock, William Emerson

Born: 1872 AD
Died: 1950 AD
3.2 (64.44%) 9 votes

1872 – He was  born on the 14th of March.

1894 – He attended public school and engaged in agricultural pursuits.

         – He moved to Winston-Salem, North Carolina, and became a clerk in a general store.

1896-1901 – He worked as a tobacco salesman.

1909 – He moved to Chattanooga, Tennessee. In Chattanooga, Brock became involved in candy manufacturing, and also had involvments in insurance and banking interests.

         – He became a trustee of the former University of Chattanooga, now the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, Emory and Henry College, and also Martha Washington College.

1929 – On the 2nd of September, Brock was appointed to the vacancy in the U.S. Senate caused by the death of Lawrence D. Tyson by governor of Tennessee Henry Hollis Horton.

1930 – On the 4th of November, Brock was elected to the balance of this term.

1931 – He did not run for the new term, and his service as a U.S. senator ended on the 3rd of March.

1950 – He died on the 5th of August.

3.2 (64.44%) 9 votes