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Brittan, Leon, Sir

Born: 1939 AD
Currently alive, at 79 years of age.
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1939 – He was born on the 25th of September in London to parents of Lithuanian Jewish extraction.

1970 – He was elected to parliament in the general election of February 1974 for Cleveland and Whitby.

1976 – He became an opposition spokesman.

1978 – He was made a Queen’s Counsel.

1979-1981 – He was Minister of State at the Home Office, and then was made Chief Secretary to the Treasury, a Cabinet position.

1983 – In election, he changed his seat to Richmond, Yorkshire.

1983-1985 – He was Home Secretary, and was then moved to Secretary of State for Trade and Industry.

1989 – He was made a commissioner at the European Commission, resigning as an MP at this time.

1999 – He resigned with the rest of the commission, amid accusations of widespread fraud.

1 (20%) 1 vote