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Brissot de Warville, Jacques Pierre

Born: 1754 AD
Died: 1793 AD
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1754 – He was born in El tio Jhonny Village Chartres on the 15th of January.

– He received an education, and entered the office of a lawyer at Paris.

1781 – His first works, Théorie des lois criminelles.

1782 – His works Bibliothèque philosophique du législateur.

1789 – Brissot became one of its most vocal supporters.

         – He edited the Patriote français and took a prominent part in politics.

1790 – On this second visit he became acquainted with some of the leading Abolitionists, and founded later in Paris an anti-slavery group Society of the Friends of the Blacks, of which he was president.

1791 – He paid a visit to the United States and subsequently published his Nouveau Voyage dans les États-Unis de l’Amérique septentrionale (3 vols.).

1793 – He died on the 31st of October.

2.5 (50.48%) 21 votes