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Bridges, Lloyd Vernet Jr.

Born: 1913 AD
Died: 1998 AD
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1913 – He was born on the 15th of January in San Leandro, California.

1931 – He graduated from Eureka Senior High school.

1939 – Bridges studied political science at UCLA, where he met his future wife, Dorothy Dean Simpson; the two married.

1939 – Bridges made his Broadway debut in a production of Shakespeare’s Othello.

1950 – He was blacklisted briefly, after he admitted to the House Un-American Activities Committee that he had once been a member of the Communist party.

1958-1961 – Bridges gained wide recognition as Mike Nelson, the star of the television series Sea Hunt.

1965-1966 – He was a regular cast member in the Rod Serling western series The Loner.

1998 – He died of natural causes on the 10th of March.

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