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Brian Boru

Born: 9410 AD
Died: 1014 AD
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941 – Brian Boru, born near Killaloe, a town in the region of Thomond where his father, Cenn-tig (Cennétig macLorcáin), was king. He was king of Ireland. A clan prince.

963 – He succeeded his brother Mathghamhain, who had seized the throne of Munster from the Eogharacht rulers.

1002 – He subjugated all Munster, then extended his power over all South Ireland, and became high king of Ireland by right of conquest.

1002 – 1014 – Reigned High King of Ireland.

1014 – On Good Friday, 23rd of April, his forces met and annihilated the allies at Clontarf, near Dublin. Soon afterward he was murdered in his tent. His victory broke the Norse power in Ireland forever, but Ireland fell into anarchy.

3.2 (63.83%) 47 votes