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Brezhnev, Leonid Ilyich

Born: 1906 AD
Died: 1982 AD
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1906 – Brezhnev was born in Kamenskoe (now Dniprodzerzhyns’k) in Ukraine, to Illya Yakovych on the 19th of December.

         – He graduated from the Dneprodzerzhinsk Metallurgical Technicum and became an engineer in the iron and steel industries of eastern Ukraine.

1923-1931 – He joined the Communist Party youth organisation, the Komsomol and the Party itself.

1935 – Brezhnev was drafted for obligatory army service, and after taking courses at a tank school, he served as a political commissar in a tank company.

1936 – He became director of the Dneprodzerzhinsk Metallurgical Technical College.

         – He was transferred to the regional centre of Dnepropetrovsk

1939 – He became Party Secretary in Dnepropetrovsk, in charge of the city’s important defense industries.

1943 – In April, he became head of the Political Department of the 18th Army.

1946 – In August, Brezhnev left the Red Army with the rank of Major General.

1950 – He became a deputy of the Supreme Soviet the Soviet Union’s highest legislative body.

1952 – He became a member of the Communist Party’s Central Committee and was introduced as a candidate member into the Presidium (formerly the Politburo).

1956 – In February, Brezhnev was recalled to Moscow, promoted to candidate member of the Politburo and assigned control of the defense industry, the space program, heavy industry, and capital construction.

1959 – Brezhnev became Second Secretary of the Central Committee.

1960 – In May, he was promoted to the post of President of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet, making him nominal head of state.

1966 – In April, he took the title General Secretary, which had been Stalin’s title.

1976 – In May, he made himself a Marshal of the Soviet Union, the first "political Marshal" since the Stalin era.

1977 – In June, he forced the retirement of Podgorny and became once again Chairman of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet, making this position equivalent to that of an executive president.

1982 – He had developed narcotic dependence on sleeping pill nembutal and died of a heart attack on the 10th of November.

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