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Breton, Andre

Born: 1896 AD
Died: 1966 AD
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1896 – He was born on the 19th day of February of this year in Tinchebray, Normandy. He studied medicine and psychiatry.


1919 – Breton founded the review Littérature with Louis Aragon and Philippe Soupault. He also connected with Dadaist Tristan Tzara.


1924 – He was instrumental to the founding of the Bureau of Surrealist Research. He published the Surrealist Manifesto in this year, and was editor of La Révolution surréaliste from 1924.


1927 – Anxious to combine the themes of personal transformation found in the works of Arthur Rimbaud with the politics of Karl Marx, Breton joined the French Communist Party in this year.


1933 – He was expelled this year. During this time, he survived mostly off the sale of paintings from his art gallery.


1938 – He established a cultural commission from the French government to travel to Mexico. This provided the opportunity to meet Trotsky. Breton and other surrealists sought refuge via a long boat ride from Patzcuaro to the surreal town of Erongaricuaro.


1941 – Breton was again in the medical corp of the French Army at the start of World War II. The Vichy government banned his writings as "the very negation of the national revolution" and Breton sought refuge in the United States and the Caribbean in this year.


1944 – During his exile in New York City, he met Elisa, the Chilean woman who would become his third wife. He and Elisa traveled to Gaspésie in Québec, Canada, where he wrote Arcane 17, a book that expresses his fears of World War II, describes the marvels of the Rocher Percé and the northeastern end of North America, and celebrate his newly found love with Elisa.


1946 – This year Breton returned to Paris, where he intervened against French colonialism (for example as a signatory of the Manifesto of the 121 against the Algerian war) and continued, until his death, to foster a second group of surrealists in the form of expositions or reviews (La Brèche, 1961-1965).


1959 – Andre Breton organized an exhibit in Spain to celebrate the Fortieth Anniversary of Surrealism called the Homage to Surrealism which exhibited works by Salvador Dalí, Joan Miró, Enrique Tábara and Eugenio Granell.


1966 – He died on the 28th day of September of this year at age 70. He was buried in the Cimetière des Batignolles in Paris.

3.1 (61%) 20 votes