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Brazza, Pierre Paul Francois Camille Savorgnan de

Born: 1852 AD
Died: 1905 AD
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1852 – He was born in Rome on the 26th of January.

1874 – De Brazza made two trips, up the Gabon River and Ogoue River.

         – He also became a naturalized French citizen at this time, adopting the French spelling of his name.

1875-1878 – In this expedition, armed with cotton textiles and tools to use for barter, accompanied by Noel Ballay, a doctor, Alfred Marche, a naturalist, a sailor, thirteen Senegalese laptots and four local interpreters, Brazza charmed and talked his way deep inland.

1880 – Brazza proposed to King Makoko of the Batekes that he place his kingdom under the protection of the French flag. Makoko, interested in trade possibilities and in gaining an edge over his rivals, signed a treaty.

1886 – Brazza was named governor-general of the French Congo.

1905 – He was asked to look into the colonial conditions, which had deteriorated during his absence, but the National Assembly voted to suppress his embarrassing report, a copy of which was found amongst his personal effects after his death.

         – He died suddenly of a fever at Dakar on the 14th of September.

3.2 (63.33%) 12 votes