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Born: 3XX AD
Died: 422 AD.

Nationality: Unknown
Categories: General


431 BC - He won his first laurels by the relief of Methone, which was besieged by the Athenians .

429 BC - He was sent out as one of the three commissioners to advise the admiral Cnemus.

         - Brasidas joined Perdiccas in a campaign against Arrhabaeus, king of the Lyncesti, who was severely defeated.

421 BC - An Athenian fleet under Nicias and Nicostratus recovered Mende and blockaded Scione.

422 BC - In April, the truce with Sparta expired, and in the same summer Cleon was despatched to Thrace, where he stormed Torone and Galepsus and prepared for an attack on Amphipolis.


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