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Brandeis, Louis Dembitz

Born: 1856 AD
Died: 1941 AD
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1856 – Born on the 13th of November in Louisville, Kentucky. He was an American litigator, Supreme Court Justice, advocate of privacy, and developer of the Brandeis Brief.

1870 – Brandeis graduated from the German and English Academy in Louisville at age 14 with the highest honors.

1872 – In the midst of the Long Depression, Brandeis’ family returned to Europe: after a period spent travelling with his family, he studied for two years at the Annen-Realschule in Dresden.

1875 – Returning to the US, Brandeis entered Harvard Law School.

1877 – Graduating not only at the head of his class but with the highest marks of any student to have attended the law school.

1900 – He bought a house with his wife on Village Avenue in Dedham, Massachusetts.

1908 – In the Supreme Court case Muller v. Oregon, Brandeis, acting as a litigator, submitted a legal brief containing empirical data collected from hundreds of sources.

1914-1918 – Brandeis was the leader of American Zionism.

1916 – Justice Brandeis was appointed by Woodrow Wilson to the Supreme Court of the United States.

1927 – Brandeis also joined with fellow justice Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. in calling for greater Constitutional protection for speech, disagreeing with the Court’s analysis in upholding a conviction for aiding the Communist Party in Whitney v. California (though concurring with the disposition of the case on technical grounds).

1932-1937 – During the Supreme Court terms, Brandeis, along with Justices Cardozo and Stone, was a member of the Three Musketeers, which was considered to be the liberal faction of the Supreme Court.

1937 – As an octogenarian, Brandeis was deeply offended by his friend Franklin Roosevelt’s court-packing scheme.

1939 – Brandeis retired from the Court, to be replaced by William O. Douglas.

1941 – Brandeis died in Washington, D.C on the 5th of October.

2006 – Louisville celebrated the 150th anniversary of Brandeis’s birth.

3.2 (64.44%) 9 votes