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Brancusi, Constantin

Born: 1876 AD
Died: 1957 AD
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1876 – He was born on the 19th day of February of this year in a village in Romania’s Carpathian Mountains, an area known for its rich tradition of folk crafts, particularly ornate woodcarving.

1889 – At 13, he went to Craiova where he worked at a grocery store for several years. When he was 18, impressed by Brâncu_i’s talent for carving, his employer financed his education at the Craiova School of Crafts (^coala de Meserii).

1898 – He indulged his love for woodworking, taught himself to read and write, and graduated with honors in this year. He then enrolled in the Bucharest School of Fine Arts, where he received academic training in sculpture. He worked hard, and quickly distinguished himself as talented.

1903 – He traveled to Munich, and from there to Paris. In Paris, the community of artists and intellectuals brimming with new ideas welcomed him

1913 – His work was displayed at both the Salon des Indépendants and the first exhibition in the U.S. of modern art, the Armory Show.

1920 – He added to his growing fame with the entry of "Princess X" in the Salon. The phallic shape of the piece scandalized the Salon, and despite Brâncu_i’s explanation that it was an anonymous portrait, removed it from the exhibition.

1933 – His work became popular in the U.S., however, and he visited several times during his life. Worldwide fame in this eyar brought him the commission of building a meditation temple in India for Maharajah of Indore.

1937 – He went to India in this year to complete the plans and begin construction; the Mahrajah was away and lost interest in the project when he returned.

1957 – He died at the age of 81 leaving 1200 photographs and 215 sculptures on the 16th day of March this year. He was buried in the Cimetière du Montparnasse in Paris.

2.5 (50%) 4 votes