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Braidwood, Thomas

Born: 1717 AD
Died: 1806 AD
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1717 – Thomas Braidwood was born at Hillhead Farm, Covington, Lanarkshire, Scotland. He was the son of Thomas Braidwood and Agnes Meek.

1760 – He opened ‘Braidwoods Academy’ in Edinburgh, the first school for the Deaf in Britain.

1783 – He moved with his family to London and established the Braidwood Academy for the Deaf and Dumb in Grove House, off Mare Street, Hackney.

1792 – Braidwood’s kinsman, Joseph Watson was trained as a teacher of the Deaf under Thomas Braidwood and he eventually left to become the first headmaster of the first public school for the Deaf in Britain, the London Asylum for the Deaf and Dumb in Bermondsey.

1806 – Thomas died at Hackney, London, and his daughter Isabella continued running the school.

2003 – His early use of a form of sign language, the combined system, was the forerunner of British Sign Language, recognized as a language in its own right.

       – Braidwood’s combined system is known among British Deaf historians as the Braidwoodian Method.

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