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Brahe, Sophia

Born: 1556 AD
Died: 1643 AD
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1556 – Born on August 24th in Knudstrup, Denmark, to Otte Brahe and Beate Bille Brahe. Sophia made her own career as a horticulturist, healer, historian and astronomer.

         – She was the sister and collaborator of Tycho Brahe.

1566 – Tycho himself chose to educate her when her flair for academics became evident by age 10.

1576 – She married Otto Thott and had one child with him before he died.

1588 – She took over his property in Ericksholm and became a horticulturist, as well as studying chemistry and medicine.

1625 – Sofie Brahe also made medicine and she sent a recipe for plague elixir to Christian IV.

1643 – Sophia Brahe died at the age of 87.

2.9 (58.06%) 31 votes