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Bragg, Braxton

Born: 1817 AD
Died: 1876 AD
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1817 – Born in Warren county, North Carolina, on the 22nd of March 1817.

1837 – He graduated at the United States Military Academy.

1837-1841 – He was a artillery officer served in the Seminole wars, and under General Zachary Taylor in Mexico.

1856 – He resigned from the regular army on the 3rd of January.

1859-1861 – He was commissioner of the board of public works of the state.

         – He was made a brigadier-general in the Confederate service, and assigned to command at Pensacola.

1862 – In February, having meanwhile become major-general, he took up a command in the Army of the Mississippi, and he was present at the battle of Shiloh.

         – He led a bold advance from Eastern Tennessee across Kentucky to Louisville, but after temporary successes he was forced to retire before Don Carlos Buell, and after the battle of Perryville retired into Tennessee.

1863 – He fought the indecisive battle of Murfreesboro against William S. Rosecrans, Buell’s successor.

1864 – Bragg was now deprived of his command, but President Davis made him his military adviser, and in that capacity.

1865 – In February, he joined Joseph Eggleston Johnston, and he was thus included in the surrender of that officer to Sherman.

1876 – He died suddenly at Galveston, Texas, on the 27th of September.

2.9 (58.67%) 15 votes