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Brady, Matthew

Born: 1822 AD
Died: 1896 AD
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1822 – He was born this year in Warren County, New York, near Lake George. He was the son of Irish immigrants.


1830 – Late this year, he became a resident of Saratoga Springs, where he became acquainted with the artist, William Page. He learned the trade of ‘maker of jewel and miniature cases’, and took lessons in painting from Page.


1839 – Both of them moved to New York City where Page introduced Brady to Samuel F. B. Morse, who in turn had been Page’s instructor in art.


1844 – He rented some rooms on the top floor of a building at the corner of Fulton Street and Broadway and began the career which led to his lasting fame.


1851 – He went abroad to exhibit at the Crystal Palace Exhibition in London, the first international competition among daguerreotypists and photographers.  He became acquainted with the paper and wet plate processes, the latter having just been introduced and became the first one to use it.


1896 – On the 15th day of January this year he died in New York. He was alone and destitute. Only the collection of a sum of money by a few friends saved from burial in potter’s field.

3 (60.63%) 32 votes