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Bradwardine, Thomas

Born: 1290 AD
Died: 1349 AD
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1290 – The birth of Thomas Bradwardine. He was the archbishop of Canterbury, theologian, and mathematician.

         – Bradwardine studied at Merton College, Oxford, and became a proctor.

1328 – Bradwardine also wrote works on mathematics. In the treatise De proportionibus velocitatum in motibus, he asserted that an arithmetic increase in velocity corresponds with a geometric increase in the original ratio of force to resistance.

1335-1337 – He moved to London and was made chancellor of St. Paul’s Cathedral.

         – He became a royal chaplain and confessor to King Edward III.

1344 – Bradwardine’s most famous work in his day was a treatise on grace and free will entitled De causa Dei, in which he so stressed the divine concurrence with all human volition that his followers concluded from it a universal determinism.

1349 – He was made archbishop of Canterbury but died of the plague soon afterward during the Black Death.

         – He died on August 26th in London.

3.1 (62.5%) 40 votes