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Bradstreet, John

Born: 1714 AD
Died: 1774 AD
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1714 – Born on December 21st in England. English military leader in America.

1746-1751 – Captain Bradstreet was appointed Lieutenant Governor of Newfoundland until he went to England.

1755 – He was sent to Oswego to support the command of Governor William Shirley.

         – He received a New York commission to be the commissary at Oswego – thus providing him with an opportunity for profit.

1756 – He was stationed in Albany and was living as the guest of a young provincial officer named Philip Schuyler.

         – During the Seven Years War, Bradstreet served at Oswego, Halifax, and Ticonderoga.

1758 – He led an expedition that captured Fort Frontenac (Kingston).

1761 – While Schuyler was in England, Bradstreet took charge of the construction of Schuyler Mansion.

1762 – His active military career was distinguished and he reached the rank of Colonel.

1764 – He led an expedition against the western Indians and negotiated a treaty with them at Detroit.

1768 – He also took title to a large tract located between the Delaware and Susquehanna Rivers – more than a hundred miles west of Albany.

1774 – Died on September 25th in New York City and was buried in Trinity churchyard.

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