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Bradshaw, John

Born: 1602 AD
Died: 1659 AD
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1602 – Born in Stockport, Cheshire, England.

– He was baptized on the 10th of December, was educated at Banbury in Cheshire and at Middleton in Lancashire, studied subsequently with an attorney at Congleton, was admitted into Gray’s.

1637 – He was mayor of Congleton, and later high steward or recorder of the borough. According to John Milton he was assiduous in his legal studies and acquired considerable reputation and practice at the bar.

1643 – On the 21st of September, he was appointed judge of the sheriff’s court in London.

1644 – In October, he was counsel with Prynne in the prosecution of Lord Maguire and Hugh Macmahon, implicated in the Irish rebellion.

1645 – John Lilburne in his appeal to the Lords against the sentence of the Star Chamber, and in the prosecution of Judge Jenkins.

1646 – On the 8th of October, he had been nominated by the Commons a commissioner of the great seal, but his appointment was not confirmed by the Lords.

1647 – He was made chief justice of Chester and a judge in Wales.

1648 – On the 12th of October, he was presented to the degree of serjeant-at-law.

1649 – On the 2nd of January, the Lords threw out the ordinance for bringing the king to trial, and the small remnant of the House of Commons which survived Pride’s Purge, consisting of 53 independents, determined to carry out the ordinance on their own authority.

– He had been nominated a member of the council of state on the 14th of February, and on the 10th of March became president.

1654 – He was returned for Stafford in the parliament and spoke strongly against vesting power in a single person.

1659 – Bradshaw again entered parliament, became a member of the council of state, and on the 3rd of June was appointed a commissioner of the great seal.

1659 – He died on the 31st of October 1659, and was buried in Westminster Abbey.

2.8 (55%) 4 votes