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Bradley, Milton

Born: 1836 AD
Died: 1911 AD
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1836 – He was born this year, a native of Vienna, Maine, in his late teens Bradley chose to pursue the printing trade, including lithography.


1860 – He set up the first color lithography shop in the state of Massachusetts, established in Springfield. Eventually, he moved forward with an idea he had for a board game which he called The Checkered Game of Life, an early version of what would later become The Game of Life. He also invented the paper cutter.


1869 – He published America’s first book for kindergarteners, "Paradise of Childhood" by Friedrich Froebel. Bradley then decided to devote his entire business to children’s needs, including writing four children’s books him.


1880 – He expanded his business to include jigsaw puzzles, and today, the MB Company is one of the world’s largest makers of games and puzzles.


1893 – He wrote the book "Colour in the Kindergarten", which quickly became a best seller.


1911 – He died on the 30th of May this year in Springfield, Massachusetts, but his company continued on, making educational materials and new games for children. 



2.9 (57.27%) 44 votes