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Brackenbury, Henry, Sir

Born: 1837 AD
Died: 1914 AD

1837 – Henry Brackenbury was born in Bolingbroke, Lincolnshire on the 1st of September.

– He was educated at Eton, then at the Royal Military Academy, Woolwich.

1856 – He joined the British Army.

1857-1858 – He served in the Central Indian Campaign.

1870-1871 – He served in the Franco-Prussian War.

1873-1874 – Brackenbury offered to join his Ashanti Campaign at which time he became part of the Wolseley ring,

1879 – He acted as his military secretary in the Zulu War.

1880 – He became Private Secretary to the Viceroy of India.

1886 – He became Director of Military Intelligence.

1891 – He was a Member of the Council of the Viceroy of India,

1896 – He became President of the War Office Ordnance Committee.

1897 – He was made Colonel Commandant.

1899-1901 – He became Director-General of Ordnance and a General.

1904 – Brackenbury retired and was made a Privy Councillor.

1914 – He died on the 20th of April in Nice, France.