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Bracken, John

Born: 1883 AD
Died: 1969 AD
2 (40%) 3 votes

1883 – Born in Ellesville, Ontario on the 22nd of June.

1910-1920 – He was professor of animal husbandry at the University of Saskatchewan, when he became President of the Manitoba Agricultural College.

1922 – Won the provincial election, but did not have a leader, so they asked Bracken to head the party and become Premier of Manitoba

1931 – His Progressives formed an alliance with the Manitoba Liberal Party, and the two parties eventually merged into one.

1940 – Bracken formed a wartime coalition government that included the Conservative, Co-operative Commonwealth Federation and Social Credit parties.

1942 – He was elected leader at the party’s leadership convention.

1943 – Bracken left provincial politics, there were only 5 opposition Members of the Legislative Assembly in a 57-member parliament.

1945 – Bracken did not seek a seat in the House of Commons until the Canadian election, which the Progressive Conservatives lost.

1948 – Bracken became Leader of the Opposition and remained leader of the Tories until he was pushed to resign.

1950 – His coalition remained intact, although the CCF.

1969 – Died on the 18th of March.


2 (40%) 3 votes