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Bozize, Francois

Born: 1946 AD
Currently alive, at 72 years of age.
2.9 (57.21%) 43 votes

1946 – Born on the 14th of October in Gabon, Africa.

1978 – He was appointed brigadier-general by Emperor Jean-Bédel Bokassa.

1979 – After Bokassa was ousted by David Dacko, Bozizé was appointed Minister of Defense.

1981 – Following Dacko’s ouster by André Kolingba in September, Bozizé was appointed Minister of Information and Culture.

1982 – Fled into exile after being accused of involvement in a coup attempt led by Patassé in early March.

1989 – After being arrested in Cotonou, Benin in July, Bozizé was imprisoned and tortured.

1996-1997 – Bozizé was considered a supporter of Patassé and helped him suppress army mutinies.

       – Bozizé was then named the Armed Forces Chief of Staff.

2001 – Bozizé’s loyalty was questioned, and in late October, he was dismissed as army chief of staff. Fighting erupted when the government tried to arrest Bozizé on November; after five days of this, government forces aided by Libyan troops captured the barracks where Bozizé was based, and Bozizé fled north to Chad.

2003 – Bozizé finally succeeded in seizing power, with his forces entering Bangui unopposed.

2004 – Bozizé was one of five candidates approved to run in the presidential election.

2005 – Bozizé announced that three initially excluded candidates would also be allowed to run, although former president Patassé was not included in either group.

2006 – The parliament authorized Bozizé to rule by decree for three months, from January to March; his prime minister, Élie Doté, said that this period of rule by decree was successful, enabling Bozizé to take measures to streamline the civil service.

2.9 (57.21%) 43 votes