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Bozeman, John Merin

Born: 1837 AD
Died: 1867 AD
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1837 – Born in January in Pickens County, Georgia.

1858 – He was struck with gold fever and headed west, abandoning his wife and three children.

1862 – Bozeman came to Montana from Colorado after his lust for gold fizzled when his claims failed to pan out.

1863 – He and John Jacobs blazed the Bozeman Trail, a cutoff route from the Oregon Trail, and guided miners to Virginia City through the Gallatin Valley.

1864 – Bozeman, along with Daniel Rouse and William Beall, platted the town which would bear his name.

1867 – John Bozeman was murdered under mysterious circumstances along the Yellowstone River, east of present-day Livingston, in April 18th.

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