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Boynton, Henry Walcott

Born: 1869 AD
Died: 1947 AD
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1869 – Henry Walcott Boynton was born in Guilford, Connecticut.

         – Boynton was the author or editor of at least twenty-four books, often using his pseudonym, John Walcott.

1891-1893 – He received his Bachelor of Arts, and his Master of Arts, both from Amherst College.

         – Boynton was head of the department of English at Phillips Academy, Andover, Massachusetts.

1901 – He devoted himself to writing and was chief reviewer for the Atlantic Monthly.

1911 – Boynton’s edited texts with introduction and notes include: Selections from Carlyle; Tennyson’s The Princess; Milton’s Paradise Lost; Goldsmith’s The Vicar of Wakefield; Pope’s The Rape of the Lock; Mrs. Ewing’s Jackanapes; Miss Martineau’s The Prince and the Peasant; Pope’s Complete Poetical Works (Cambridge edition); Tennyson’s Idylls of the King; and Selected Poems for Secondary Schools.

1912 – He was on the regular staff of the Nation and the New York Evening Post.

1915 – He wrote criticism for the ‘Bookman’.

1932 – His works include: Life of Washington Irving; The Golfer’s Rubaiyat; Bret Harte; A Reader’s History of American Literature (with T.W. Higginson); Journalism and Literature; Guenever, a Romantic Play; The World’s Leading Poets; James Fenimore Cooper; and Annals of American Bookselling.

1947 – Boynton died at the age of 78.

2.7 (53.33%) 9 votes