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Boylston, Zabdiel

Born: 1676 AD
Died: 1766 AD
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1676 – Born on March 9th in Brookline, Massachusetts. American physician who introduced smallpox inoculation into the American colonies.

         – He received medical instruction from his father, but never obtained a medical degree.

1705 – He married Jerusha Minot in January and they had eight children.

1710 – He was the first American physician to remove gall bladder stones.

1718 – He performed the first surgical removal of breast tumor.

1721 – In an epidemic of smallpox, he was persuaded by Cotton Mather to inoculate, thus introducing the practice to the United States.

         – He used inoculation against smallpox during a Boston epidemic.

1724 – He published his ‘Historical Account of the Small-Pox Inoculated in New England’ and traveled to London.

         – Sloan invited Boylston to London and lectured in the Royal College of physicians.

1726 – He became a fellow of the Royal Society.

1766 – He died of pulmonary illness on March 1st.

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