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Boyer, Jean Pierre

Born: 1776 AD
Died: 1850 AD
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1776 – Born mulatto in Port-au-Prince, on the 15th of February.

1802 – He returned with the French army of Charles Leclerc, but later joined the patriots under Alexandre Pétion, who chose him as his successor.

1818 – Boyer was made the successor of Pétion and took control of the south.

1820 – When Christophe committed suicide, Boyer secured the northern Kingdom of Haiti.

1821 – When Spanish Santo Domingo became independent, Boyer was quick to invade and thereby unite the entire island by February, 1822.

1825 – On the 11th of July, Boyer signed an indemnity saying he would pay France a certain amount of money in order to be recognized as independent.

1850 – Died on the 9th of July.


2.1 (41.9%) 21 votes