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Boyen, Hermann von

Born: 1771 AD
Died: 1848 AD
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1771 – He was born in Kreuzberg in East Prussia on the 20th of June.

1784 – Boyen joined the army in Königsberg.

1788 – As a newly-minted second lieutenant, he took up a post in the military academy in Königsberg, where he also attended some of the lectures of Immanuel Kant.

1794-1796 – Boyen took part in the Polish campaign as Adjutant to General von Günther.

1799 – He became a Captain.

1806 – He served in the war on the General Staff of the Duke of Brunswick, and was wounded at the Battle of Auerstädt

1807 – After the Treaty of Tilsit, he became a Major and a member of Gerhard von Scharnhorst’s commission for military re-organisation.

1810 – Boyen had become Director of the general department of war.

1812 – He resigned his commission as a Colonel and visited Vienna and St Petersburg.

1813 – After the Battle of Lützen, he had charge of the border guards and ultimately the defence of Berlin.

1814 – After the first Peace of Paris, von Boyen took up his appointment as War Minister.

1818 – He completed the setting up of the Landwehr reserve (begun during the war) and became a Lieutenant General.

1819 – He struggled in vain against growing reactionary forces which endangered the broad popular base of the Landwehr, and resigned.

1841 – In March, he once again took over the War Ministry, though without achieving a great influence in the general political situation.

1847 – He resigned in November.

1848 – He received the rank of Field Marshal, and died on the 15th of February.


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