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Bowie, James

Born: 1796 AD
Died: 1836 AD
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1796 – James Bowie born on the 10th of April in either Kentucky or Tennessee. He was a frontier adventurer who became a hero during the Texas Revolution.

1800 – His family moved to Missouri. Two years later, the Bowies moved to Louisiana. Jim Bowie’s father bought a plantation, or large farm, on which the family grew cotton and sugarcane.

1812 – As a young man, He enjoyed hunting and fishing. Legend also says that he caught and rode wild horses and alligators. During the War, he and his brother Rezin signed up to fight under Andrew Jackson. However, the war ended while they were traveling to join Jackson’s army.

1830 – He left Louisiana for Texas, which was then part of Mexico.

1831 – He traveled all over Texas, buying and selling land. Bowie settled in San Antonio, where he married Ursula de Veramendi.

       – That same year he set out with his brother and nine others to search for an old Spanish mine. They had heard that it was was located west of San Antonio. The group was attacked by Native Americans and the ten barely escaped with their lives. It is not known if they ever found the mine.

1832 – Conflicts between the Texas colonists and the Mexican government began to grow.

       – In August of that year, he fought on the side of the Texans in the Battle of Nacogdoches. He also led several small attacks against Mexican soldiers. All of his attacks were successful.

1833 – His wife and several other family members became ill and died.

1834 – He left Texas for Louisiana but he returned.

1835 – Antonio López de Santa Anna took control of Mexico as dictator. He soon formed an army and marched to Texas.

1836 – He and about 30 followers joined a small force to defend San Antonio. They made the Alamo, an old Spanish mission, into a fort. Lieutenant Colonel William B. Travis, a young officer, was in command of the fort.

       – In February, Santa Anna arrived in San Antonio with 2,000 soldiers. They soon surrounded the Alamo. The Texans had to decide whether to surrender or fight. They chose to fight. The battle lasted 13 days. All the defenders of the Alamo were killed.

       – In the 6th of March, he fought from his cot, killing several Mexican soldiers before he, too, was killed. His actions at the Alamo made him a hero. Six weeks later, the Texas army defeated the Mexican army at the Battle of San Jacinto. Texas soldiers used the cry "Remember the Alamo!" to encourage one another to fight hard for independence.

3.2 (64.03%) 119 votes