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Bowell, Mackenzie, Sir

Born: 1823 AD
Died: 1917 AD, at 93 years of age.

Nationality: Canadian
Categories: Political Leader, Politician, Publishers


1823 - Born on December 27th in Rickinghall, Suffolk, England. A publisher, political leader, and prime minister of Canada.

1833 - At age 10 Bowell moved with his parents to Belleville, Ontario, where he became a printer's apprentice at a local newspaper—the Intelligencer—which he came, eventually, to own.

1834 - Apprenticed as a printer with The Belleville Intelligencer, Belleville, Ontario.

1841 - He received his teaching diploma from Sydney Normal School, Hastings, Ontario.

1842 - He joined the Orange Association of British America and was its grand master for many years.

1847 - Married to Harriet Moore.

1848 - Bowell had become the newspaper's owner and editor, with a brief interlude for schooling at Sydney Normal School in Hastings County.

1858 - Bowell joined the Belleville Rifle Company, a militia company of 65 men and served with them, guarding the border of Upper Canada during the American Civil War.

1878 - Bowell became Minister of Customs, charged with imposing the protective tariffs of the new National Policy.

1892 - He was elected to the Senate.

         - He was Minister of Militia and under Prime Minister Thompson, he was Minister of the newly-created portfolio of Trade and Commerce.

1893 - Leader of the Government in the Senate.

1895 - Attempted to re-establish a separate school system in Manitoba.

1896 - Leader of the Opposition in the Senate.

1917 - Died of pneumonia in Bellville, Ontario, Canada on December 10th.


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