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Bourke, Richard Southwell

Born: 1822 AD
Died: 1872 AD
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1822 – Born on February 21st in Dublin, Ireland. Irish politician and civil servant best known for his service as viceroy of India, where he improved relations with Afghanistan, conducted the first census, turned a deficit budget into a surplus, and created a department for agriculture and commerce.

1841 – He was educated at Trinity College, Dublin.

1848 – Married to Blanche Julia Wyndham, 4th daughter of 1st Lord Leconfield on October 31st.

1849 – Assumed courtesy title of Lord Naas on death of grandfather.

1852 – He was the Chief secretary for Ireland in Derby’s first administrations.

1858 – Was the Chief secretary for Ireland in Derby’s second administration.

1866 – He was the Chief secretary for Ireland in Derby’s third and Disraeli’s first administrations.

1867 – Succeeded to title of Earl of Mayo on August 12th.

1869 – He was the Viceroy and Governor-general of India.

1872 – Died on February 8th in Port Blair, Andaman Islands.

1 (20%) 1 vote