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Bourguiba, Habib Ben Ali

Born: 1903 AD
Died: 2000 AD
2.7 (53.33%) 12 votes

1903 – Born on August 3rd in al-Munastir, Tunisia. Tunisian politician, led Tunisia in its effort to win independence from France and afterward served as his country’s first president.

1930 – Trained as a lawyer, Bourguiba helped found a nationalist political party, the Neo-Destour, that was dedicated to ending French colonial rule and securing Tunisian independence.

1934 – Due to his nationalist aspirations, he was imprisoned by the French protectorate of Tunisia.

1956 – He became prime minister of Tunisia.

1957 – He was the first president and prime minister of the Tunisian republic.

         – Although he was an autocrat, his rule as president was both moderate and progressive.

1975 – He was appointed president for life.

1987 – Ben Ali, as prime minister, he ousted the then President-for-life, the 84-year-old Habib Bourguiba, on the grounds of senility.

         – He was overthrown in a bloodless coup.

2000 – Died on April 6th in al-Munastir, Tunisia.

2.7 (53.33%) 12 votes