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Bourgain, Jean

Born: 1954 AD
Currently alive, at 64 years of age.
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1954 – Born on February 28th in Ostend, Belgium. Belgian mathematician who was awarded the Fields Medal for his work in analysis.

1975-1977 – was awarded a Belgium Research Fellowship and studied for his doctorate at the Free University of Brussels.

         – Awarded his Ph.D. and continued to study for his Habilitation at the Free University of Brussels.

1979 – Bourgain received the Alumni Prize from the Belgium NSF.

1981 – He held appointments at the Free University.

         – Bourgain was appointed a professor at the Free University of Brussels.

1983 – He was awarded the Empain Prize by the Belgium NSF, and, in the same years, he also received the Salem Prize.

1985 – Bourgain was awarded the highest science honour from Belgium, the Damry-Deleeuw-Bourlart Prize.

         – Bourgain left Belgium and accepted two appointments, one as J L Doob Professor of Mathematics at the University of Illinois in the United States and the other as Professor at the Institut des Hautes Études Scientifique at Bures-sur-Yvette in France.

         – The French Academy of Sciences awarded Bourgain its Langevin Prize.

1988 – Bourgain was Lady Davis Professor of Mathematics at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

1989 – He proved some remarkable results, using analytic and probabilistic methods, which solved the L(p) problem which had been a longstanding one in Banach space theory and harmonic analysis.

1990 – He received the E Cartan Prize.

1991 – Fairchild Distinguished Professor at Caltech in the United States.

         – He received an honorary degree from the Hebrew University and, in the same year, he was awarded the Ostrowski Prize from the Ostrowski Foundation in Switzerland.

1994 – At the International Congress of Mathematicians in Zurich, Bourgain received his greatest honour for this work when he was awarded a Fields Medal.

         – He was awarded an honorary degree from the Université Marne-la-Valle in France and, in the following year, from the Free University of Brussels.

2.4 (48%) 5 votes