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Boulton, Matthew

Born: 1728 AD
Died: 1809 AD
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1728 – Matthew Boulton, born on the 3rd of September in Birmingham, England where his father, Matthew Boulton the elder, was a "toymaker" (a manufacturer of small metal articles of various kinds). He is an English manufacturer and engineer.

1749 – He became a partner in his father’s business.

1762 – Went into partnership with John Fothergill, they established the Soho Manufactory, two miles north of Birmingham.

1772 – His partner, Dr. John Roebuck, got into financial difficulties, and he, to whom he owed £1200, accepted his two-thirds share in Watt’s patent in satisfaction of the debt.

1775 – He financed and introduced James Watt’s steam engine, which became the most important source of power during the Industrial Revolution. The two men became partners in the steam-engine business in and obtained a 25-year extension of the patent.

1800 – The two partners retired from the business, which they handed over to their sons, Matthew Robinson Boulton and James Watt Junior.

1809 – He died at Birmingham on the 18th of August. He is buried in the grounds of St. Mary’s Church, Handsworth, in Birmingham.

2.9 (58.42%) 38 votes