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Boulanger, Nadia Juliette (Nadia)

Born: 1887 AD
Died: 1979 AD, at 92 years of age.

Nationality: Unknown
Categories: Conductors


1887 - She was born in Paris on the 16th of September.

         - She studied at the Paris Conservatoire.

         - She became the staunch, admiring friend of Stravinsky.

1921 - Her music and Fauré's provided the standards by which she taught, notably at the American Conservatory in Fontainebleau.

         - She was the most energetic, influential teacher, attracting pupils from all over the world; Copland and Carter were among them.

         - As a conductor, she was a pioneer in performing French Baroque and Renaissance music and she gave new works.

1979 - She died on the 22nd of October.



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