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Boudiaf, Mohammed

Born: 1919 AD
Died: 1992 AD
2.4 (48.89%) 9 votes

1919 – He died on the 23rd of June.

1962 – Boudiaf founded the clandestine opposition party PRS.

1992 – In February, after a 27-year exile in Morocco, the military invited him back to become chairman of the High Council of State of Algeria, following the annulment of the election results (see Algerian Civil War.)

         – He was presented as a leader exiled for too long to be tainted by Algeria’s internal postrevolutionary politics.

         – He became president of Algeria.

         – He was assassinated by a bodyguard during a public speech at the opening of a cultural center in Annaba, his first visit outside Algiers as president, on the 29th of June.

2.4 (48.89%) 9 votes