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Bothe, Walther Wilhelm Georg Franz

Born: 1891 AD
Died: 1957 AD
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1891 – Walther Bothe was born on the 8th of January in Oranienburg near Berlin.

1908-1912 – He studied physics at the University of Berlin under Max Planck,

1920 – Bothe taught at the University of Berlin.

1924 – Bothe’s coincidence circuit was one of the first AND logic gates. Bothe studied the Compton effect using such a set up, thus establishing the modern analysis of scatter processes.

         – Bothe used the coincidence method to discover penetrating radiation coming from the upper atmosphere; this radiation is now known as cosmic rays.

1927 – Bothe began applying the coincidence method to the transmutation of light elements by the bombardment with alpha particles.

1930 – He found that the radiation emitted by beryllium when it is bombarded with alpha particles was a new form of penetrating high energy radiation, which was later shown by James Chadwick to be neutrons.

1931 – He taught at the University of Giessen.

1932 – He was appointed Director of the Institute of Physics at the University of Heidelberg, succeeding Philipp Lenard.

1938 – Wolfgang Gentner and Bothe published a paper on the energy dependence of the nuclear photo-effect, which was the first decisive evidence that the absorption spectra of nuclei are accumulative and continuous.

1941 – Bothe and Peter Jensen reported the results of testing on neutron absorption in graphite. However, their erroneous conclusions contributed to stifling the German nuclear program in World War II.

1943 – Bothe completed Germany’s first cyclotron, and was awarded the Max Planck medal.

1957 – He died on the 8th of February.

2.9 (58.82%) 17 votes