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Botha, Louis

Born: 1862 AD
Died: 1919 AD
2.8 (56.22%) 37 votes

1862 – He was  born on the 27th of September.

1897 – He became a member of the parliament of Transvaal, representing the district of Vryheid.

1902 – He was the chief representative of his countrymen in the peace negotiations.

         – He later worked towards peace with the British, representing the Boers at the peace negotiations.

1907 – His war record made him prominent in the politics of Transvaal and he was a major player in the postwar reconstruction of that country, becoming Prime Minister of Transvaal on the 4th of March.

1911 – Together with another Boer war hero, Jan Smuts, he formed the South African Party, or SAP.

1919 – He died on the 27th of August.

2.8 (56.22%) 37 votes